My adventures in learning to machine knit and whatever comes to mind

Life just keeps getting in the way…

Well, I was going great guns learning all the things my machine will do, but housework, manual orders, my back giving out, and a ton of other things have given me a setback.  Sometimes life just ain’t fun!

I was so tired all day that I didn’t accomplish much, so will have to play catch up tomorrow.  I’ve got to get busy and sell some stuff, so I can keep the gas company off my back, it seems I owe my whole life to them…

I need to sew up Bobby’s hoodie, and all the slippers I made, and need to get that done next week.  Need to make more slippers too, but want to try some different patterns for them.  I’ve been making the Super EZ Slipper Sox but want to try something else also.  It is more fun to mix them up.  I got a book today for making the cutest kids hats and mittens.  They are made on the bulky machine, so need to get to get the computer desk I bought so very many months ago, set up and put my Bulky 8 on it, so I can hook my ribber up to it.  I’ve been told that attaching the ribber to it is a real pain in the ****, but it has to be done, as that is the only bulky machine I own.  Once I get some made, I will post pics of them.  I need to sort through my knitting worsted to find the colors I need, once I get the machine setup.

I have to take another machine down before I can assemble the desk, as the desk is going in that spot, and then I will put one machine on one side, and the other on the other side of the desk,a and then I can work back and forth on whichever one I feel like.

I’m going to make hats for Bobby and Kylie, then for my friends grandchildren, then will keep going until I run out of yarn making them for charity.  I cannot wait to start, they are going to be so cute!

The weather has turned so cold, it is making me ache something awful, so that is slowing me down too.  It is supposed to warm up this weekend, I sure hope so, it is no fun being stiff and achy all over.

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