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Fresh snow

We’ve got 2 inches of fresh snow, and its still coming down.  Now my dirty snow from over a week ago is covered up and looks nice again!

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My silly dog!

My silly dog who loves snow, and was out romping in it this morning, refused to leave the porch this afternoon!  Wonder why…LOL

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December 19th, 2009 Snowstorm

Lots of snow, at least 13″ by 4pm, and its still snowing!  Video was filmed around 2pm.  I have really high snowboots, and it was 2″ over them, for a total of 15″.  I have no clue how much more we’ve gotten!  I’ll try to check it tomorrow.


Cupcake is finished

Well, I finished the cupcake purse a couple days ago, haven’t take a picture yet, and not very happy with it anyway.  It isn’t pretty like Lynita’s is, and I wasn’t happy with my yarn choices either, but I cannot blame that on the pattern.

One thing definite, it is too BIG for Kylee, so if she is to get one, I’ll have to start over with sport yarn, which means I’ll have to go digging through my stash again, and I don’t feel up to that.

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I’m so happy!

My mountaineers won their game at Rutgers today, and they are going to the Gator Bowl!  This was just icing on the cake after their wonderful last second win over Pitt last week!
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Snow pictures from this afternoon

I took these from my back porch, of the lot next door.  The ones from this morning are on down the page.  They were taken from the street.

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Its snowing! First real snow of the season.

Ok, we had snow the Friday after Thanksgiving, and a little of it stuck, but no accumulation, but here is some real snow!

Its still coming down, so we might end up with the 6″ predicted.

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