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Pictures taken after the snow ended…

on February 6, 2010

I just had to take more after it ended, I’ve turned into a photo freak!  These were taken about 2:45pm this afternoon.

It is 30° right now, and the sun is trying to shine, but as you can see in the pics I took of the tree tops, it isn’t succeeding!  It is going down to 9° tonight, and my furnace quit on me the other day, so I’ve been running my electric heaters and a burner on my kitchen range, and has been keeping me warm, but that won’t cut it tonight, so I had to get busy and move the big heavy cabinet from in front of the gas wall heater so I can use it.   That is done, and I have the heater running!  So, hopefully, my water wont freeze tonight!

Power has gone off twice today, probably wrecks…and my my daughter in Morgantown called, and her power went off a couple hours ago, and she found out a tree had fallen on power lines a few streets above her, so they have no heat, except for their stove burners!  I figure its going to be awhile before it is fixed, as there is over 10,000 homes there without electric, and the roads are so bad it is hard for even the police, ambulance and fire vehicles to get around, and the power company vehicles have to get in places that the others don’t!

2 responses to “Pictures taken after the snow ended…

  1. Mary H-R says:

    Sooooooo pretty!
    …viewed from sunny Florida 🙂

  2. Toni says:

    The pictures are beautiful. They always are but not fun to be in it! Especially if trees and power lines are down and people are without power.

    Mary, send some of that sunshine to Alabama mountains.

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