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WE DID IT! YES WE DID! WVU 73 KY kitty cats 66

The West Virginia Mountaineers shot down the Kentucky Wildcats and sent home a KITTY CAT!

We’re on our way to the final 4!

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If you need a knitting machine…

check out the ones my friend has on eBay right now.  The first one is a much sought after Brother KX-350, These will knit sport weight and knitting worsted easily, and I have even knitted fingering yarn on mine before.  it is great for a hand knitter who hates knitting all that stockinette stitching before she can get to the good parts.  With the 350, you can knit the plain stockinette on the machine, getting it finished in a tenth of the time, and then on to hand knitting the lace, cables, etc., by hand.  This machine is a real pleasure to knit on, and very easy to learn to use.  You can’t go wrong with it.

She also has two of the rare Knitsmart knitting machines listed also.  Besides being a great machine to knit on, they are also rapidly becoming collectors machines.  The afghaner one is just the right size to make afghan squares, and easy to carry along with you so you knit at your meetings, or take to work to knit during lunch.

Do check them out and put them on your watch list.

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Its snowing!

I knew they said last night we might get snow, and I thought maybe Elkins or Davis would, but not here…well, it has been snowing for the last hour.  Not sticking, it is 34° right now, so no worries about that.

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Free MK pattern would be great for Easter!

Sandy over at Baby Jane Machine Knits has added a neat free pattern for ducky slippers that should be a fun knit, so you should go check them out.  All the little ones on your Easter list will love you for it!

I’ve not gotten to try it yet myself, don’t have a machine set up right now, but hoping to real soon.  Anyone knits them up, let me know.

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I had a scare this morning!

Ok, if it isn’t bad enough my furnace quit working the first week of February, then my water heater starting going out, and now won’t stay lit for more than a few days???, I had another fright this morning…when I took the pictures of the swatches, my rechargeable batteries were dying, so I took them out and put them in the charger, loaded them back in the camera a little bit ago, but it wouldn’t turn on!  I totally lost it!  Thought maybe they were in wrong, but no, still didn’t work, and of course I couldn’t find any others…

Well, finally discovered two regular batteries a bit ago, and put them in, and it WORKS!  I lost all my settings though, so will have to find my manual so I can set the date, time, year, etc., but at least it works!  I don’t know what I would have done, I’m broke, and just got the utility bills from HELL, which means I am going to stay broke for quite a while now.

Thank the dear Lord above, it was just the batteries, and my daughter says she will bring me her spare set of rechargeable batteries, so I don’t even have to worry about scaring up the $$$ for a pack of those.

The batteries I put in it just now I have no clue how old they are, but will use them until she makes it up here, probably on Sunday…

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Some swatches I knitted for a sweet friend…

She has been wanting an LK-100 for sometime, and I found one that was a good deal on eBay for her, but she was wondering how it would knit Caron Simply soft, so I decided to dig mine out and play with it.  I knitted some Paton’s Astra, then the Simply Soft, and finally, some Red Heart Super Saver yarn, so I am going to post the pics here.

First the Paton’s Astra, which is a DK/sport weight yarn.

Patons Astra Yarn

Swatch knitted on LK-100 of Paton's Astra yarn. DK/sport weight

Swatch showing back view

Here is the Caron Simply Soft swatch, color is Sage.  I had some trouble knitting it at first, but my sponge is in need of being replaced, so it didn’t turn out as well it should have.  After I get the sponge replaced, I’ll knit up a new swatch.

Caron Simply Soft swatch in Sage

Caron Simply Soft swatch showing the back

Here are the swatches I knitted from the Red Heart Super Saver

Showing the front, I think I knitted it at TD3, TD5, and TD9?

Showing the back of the swatch

I was knitting from the skein on all three of these, so had some mishaps because I kept forgetting to pull the yarn out!  If I were actually doing a project, I would wind it into a ball first.

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I woke to rain this morning…

but it has quit!  Oh my, what a downpour while it was raining though, came down by the bucketful for several hours!  The sun is out now, not shining real bright, but at least I can see blue sky, and thank God for that!

It worried me, because with all the snow and rain we’ve had the last four months, the ground is saturated, and not more than a tiny bit of it could soak in, so it was 90% run off, and I’m sure it added to the water level in the rivers and streams.  We’ll be ok, if we don’t get too much more of it right away.  I’m ok here, don’t have to worry about flooding, but most places do.

We’re supposed to get more rain later today, and actually, they are calling for it through Wednesday.  Hopefully it won’t be bad.

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Lately I seem to be…

in self destruct mode…I just feel totally wiped out, cannot motivate myself to do anything.  I have been forcing myself to clean each day, as the house has self destructed also since I fell the two times in January.  Some days I can get a good bit done, other days I’m lucky to do anything at all.

I’ve mostly been sorting through things to either toss in the trash, or to giveaway on Freecycle.  I’m not beating myself up over not getting much done, I’m trying to look it that I’m getting more done than I would have if I didn’t do anything at all.  It is the only way I’m going to get through spring cleaning.  I usually defeat myself by getting discouraged because I think I’m not getting enough done, and just sort of quit…so I’m hoping this new attitude helps me to keep going.

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