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Some swatches I knitted for a sweet friend…

on March 22, 2010

She has been wanting an LK-100 for sometime, and I found one that was a good deal on eBay for her, but she was wondering how it would knit Caron Simply soft, so I decided to dig mine out and play with it.  I knitted some Paton’s Astra, then the Simply Soft, and finally, some Red Heart Super Saver yarn, so I am going to post the pics here.

First the Paton’s Astra, which is a DK/sport weight yarn.

Patons Astra Yarn

Swatch knitted on LK-100 of Paton's Astra yarn. DK/sport weight

Swatch showing back view

Here is the Caron Simply Soft swatch, color is Sage.  I had some trouble knitting it at first, but my sponge is in need of being replaced, so it didn’t turn out as well it should have.  After I get the sponge replaced, I’ll knit up a new swatch.

Caron Simply Soft swatch in Sage

Caron Simply Soft swatch showing the back

Here are the swatches I knitted from the Red Heart Super Saver

Showing the front, I think I knitted it at TD3, TD5, and TD9?

Showing the back of the swatch

I was knitting from the skein on all three of these, so had some mishaps because I kept forgetting to pull the yarn out!  If I were actually doing a project, I would wind it into a ball first.


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