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If you need a knitting machine…

on March 26, 2010

check out the ones my friend has on eBay right now.  The first one is a much sought after Brother KX-350, These will knit sport weight and knitting worsted easily, and I have even knitted fingering yarn on mine before.  it is great for a hand knitter who hates knitting all that stockinette stitching before she can get to the good parts.  With the 350, you can knit the plain stockinette on the machine, getting it finished in a tenth of the time, and then on to hand knitting the lace, cables, etc., by hand.  This machine is a real pleasure to knit on, and very easy to learn to use.  You can’t go wrong with it.

She also has two of the rare Knitsmart knitting machines listed also.  Besides being a great machine to knit on, they are also rapidly becoming collectors machines.  The afghaner one is just the right size to make afghan squares, and easy to carry along with you so you knit at your meetings, or take to work to knit during lunch.

Do check them out and put them on your watch list.

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