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Good grief!

Its 85°! Unbelievable, considering we just had 3 nights with below freezing temps! I actually got warm today. Was nice to have the door open and fresh warm air coming in.
Sad to say, it isn’t lasting, will still be warm, but starting to rain tomorrow, and lasting through Monday.

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Childs collectible knitting machine…

This is the cutest thing, you’ve got to see it, and it is a 10mm machine, which is really rare, even for real machines!

My friend has put it up for sale also, as she is trying to make more room for her projects.
Child’s Knitting Machine

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Jill Churchill Murder Mystery books for sale

I have 12 Jill Churchill mystery books for sale.  These are mostly Jane Jeffry mysteries, but a few are Grace and Favor.

Titles are

The Merchant of Menace

A Groom with a View

Bell, Book, and Scandal

War and Peas

Silence of the Hams

A Knife to Remember

A Midsummer Night’s Scream

The Accidental Florist

A Quiche Before Dying

Someone to Watch Over Me

Love for Sale

In the Still of the Night

$14.00 + $3.75 postage to anywhere in the US.

Email me if you have questions Email me

or Click here to buy

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KNITTING LACE by Susanna Lewis…and at a great price!

If you have been lusting after the KNITTING LACE book by Susanna Lewis, well I have great news for you, you don’t have to go to Amazon and put out a fortune for it, you can pick it up at Knit Picks for a song!

After seeing what someone else had knitted up from the book, and having a hankering to learn to do it, and do it well, I have been on a search for it.  I couldn’t afford it, but bought it anyway, as I figure I’ll not get another chance to steal it for that price!

If you’ve been wanting it too, get over there before they sell out!

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Brother KX350 and KnitSmart auctions ending soon…

The Brother KX350 is a wonderful machine, and great for a beginner (very easy to learn to use) or experienced machine knitter who wants a nice machine to carry on trips, or to the local weekly meeting at your favorite knitting group.  It is a 7mm mid gauge machine, and will happily knit worsted weight and sport weight yarns.  I’ve also used mine with baby weight Yarns.

The KnitSmart machines, besides being very collectible (which means they never lose their value), are a lot of fun to knit on, and will handle heavy yarns easily.  The afghaner is small enough you can tuck it into your overnight bag, or even a large tote to take with you when on the road, or visiting away from home.  It is perfect for doing one block at a time, or doing an afghan in strips, which is very popular right now.  Do check them out here before they get away from you.

Any of these machines is perfect for a beginner, and if you’ve never machine knitted, you don’t know what you are missing!  You can make anything on the machine that you can knit by hand, and much faster!

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