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I feel awful, but I couldn’t stay in bed…

it was driving me up the wall, so got up and decided to test out the Singer SK360, and do some fairisle.
This machine hates me, that is all there is to it, it just hates me! Oh well, I will make it behave whether it wants to or not. It has some bad needles, so had to order new ones, as I don’t have any spares for it. I should have just left it alone until I got the needles, but I wanted to do something, and it was just setting there.
I have this eagle card from the Knittery, and I wanted to try it out, so I knitted up a swatch with 3 repeats, but I had all kinds of trouble with it, plus I couldn’t get my mind to working, and I kept forgetting to change dials, etc., then I don’t know what happened, but right at the end of the first complete eagle, my background yarn broke, and I ended up with a big mess.
I got disgusted and went back to bed, but my back is hurting so bad, I couldn’t lie there, it hurts worse lying in bed, than it does being up, and as long as I don’t do anything strenuous, or stand on my feet, its not so bad.
So, I decided to jump in and do another one. The first one had the three repeats, but I didn’t want to do that much and have it mess up again, so I ended up doing 48 stitches, which gave me an eagle centered, and a half one on each side! Oh well, it was just a practice piece to see how it was going to work out.
I did the first one at TD6, so I did this one at TD9, and it turned out much better. In fact, I’m going to try another one with the TD 9 for the border, and TD10 for the fairisle and see how it does. I’m trying to get as much width as I can, so I’ll see what happens with the highest TD setting.
I did two repeats of the pattern for the second swatch, and I have to say, it doesn’t look bad at all! Hopefully, this is going to turn into an afghan, but boy, I hate having to sew all those separate sections together! I may try SAYG, I’ve never done it before, but this might be a good time to learn!
I’ve got to figure out this dratted punchcard business too, as the USA at the beginning was cut in half, so I’m doing something wrong for sure! It is a Brother card, and I was thinking you had to go up two numbers for Singer/Studio, but maybe it is the other way around, and I should have gone backwards instead…some of this stuff is so confusing.
YES, another swatch!I promise, one of these days I will knit something more than a swatch sized piece of knitting!  LOL

See where the bottom is cut off the US…so, maybe it wasn’t all the machine, maybe it was the idiot setting in front of it???

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I hate Fibromyalgia!

I hate it!  I hate it!  I hate it!  What is Fibromyalgia?  It is a monster, an EVIL monster that comes and steals your life away…and just when you think you are feeling better, and life is going great, it sneaks up behind you and knocks you back down.  Its always there, you don’t see it, it is hiding just out of your sight of vision, but it sees you, and just waits for the opportune moment to take over and control your life.

Forget making plans, the FMS monster knows about them as soon as you do, and it steps in to throw a monkey wrench into those plans.  It wakes you in the night, it makes you hurt so bad you cannot go back to sleep, then in the morning it sits and laughs as you struggle to get out of bed…it dogs your every step, making sure you don’t have a moment where you can enjoy yourself.  It throws a fog over your brain, and you cannot think straight, then weighs your body down so it cannot move, and pain, it can think up more ways to create pain, than an internet scam artist can to steal your money…:-(

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I’ve formed a new group for

Plastic Bed Knitting Machines.  If you own a plastic bed knitting machine, want one, or would like to find out more about them, I would love to have you join.

While this will be a mostly on topic group, I don’t mind chatter, as long as it is kept friendly, and no off color conversations, as it is a family friendly group.

We will love hearing about your projects made on them, questions you have about how to operate them, or maintenance on them.

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Sometimes I sits…

and knits,

First 20 rows of my KAL

and sometimes I just sits…

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Tuck stitch on the LK-100

I carried the crochet thread theme a little further, and I did tuck stitch with it!  Ok, I know this has become an obsession, but I like to see what a machine can do, and what can happen with certain threads and yarns.  Here is the results of the crochet thread tuck stitch.

and last night, I did tuck with some RH worsted yarn.  I really like this.

Hey, what can I say, it keeps grandma out of the bingo parlours!

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We’ve been having bad storms since late afternoon, lots of thunder and rain.  Some of it quite severe.  Also hail, and its very foggy.  I pray everyone is safe tonight.

Its not one big storm, its lots of little ones.  One hits, then its gone, and a little bit later another one strikes!

Ugh, that thunder just shook the house!  Good news is, its not supposed to rain tomorrow or Sunday!

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Playing around some more…

Ok, a friend was laughing over my knitting crochet thread on the LK-100, and my brain started kicking in, and here is what I came up with!

Size 30 crochet thread, and for the weaving, knitting worsted!

If I hadn’t put that eyelash yarn away, I bet it would have been great, but I was too lazy to run back down the stairs to get it!

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I’ve added more pictures to my LK100 page

I knitted up some more swatches last night, and put them up at the bottom of the LK-100 page Some of the yarns were very bulky and/or textured, and they all knitted up extremely well on the LK100 bulky knitting machine!  I also knitted up some baby/sport yarn (which turned out really nice), some Premier Echo X fine sock yarn, and for fun, knitted some size 30 crochet cotton thread!  I can see this making a nice lacy curtain.  I was surpised at how easy it was to knit on the LK100 bulky knitting machine, and how nice it turned out also. Whoever buys this machine will surely be getting a very versatile machine.

This machine is a marvel in that it will knit any range of yarn and do a good job of it!

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I’m selling one of my LK-100 machines

You can see it on my website Justina Knits I also put together a tutorial for knitting on the LK-100 knitting machine.  I hate to part with it, but I have just too many knitting machines, and some have to go…

The LK-100 is a true bulky machine, knits at 9mm, but is a plastic bed machine, which makes it perfect for the person on the go.  Its really easy to pack up and carry along, whether you are just going to knitting class, or on a trip.  Take it out in the yard or garage while the children are out playing, and still be productive knitting them up a cute sun hat or bedtime sliippers.

If you have a Bond USM, ISM, etc., and you are tired of that hem and all the fiddling around before you can even get started knitting, be sure to check the LK-100 out, as you don’t have to do a ton of prep work before you can knit on it.  Just sit down, and start.  Check out my step by step photos to see what I mean.  Justina Knits

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My Silver Reed LW1 knitweave attachment

Here is a pic of my LW1 weaving attachment which is used with the Silver Reed LK-150 knitting machines.

You set it on the bed just like you do a regular carriage, and slide it across the weaving yarn.  The two pieces beside it are shuttles you thread your weaving yarn through to make it easier to work your pattern.  One is for thick yarn, and the other is for VERY THICK yarn!

I have the instructions and will scan them in and put them up on my website later. There is 4 pages of instruction and patterns.

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