My adventures in learning to machine knit and whatever comes to mind

I’m selling one of my LK-100 machines

on May 13, 2010

You can see it on my website Justina Knits I also put together a tutorial for knitting on the LK-100 knitting machine.  I hate to part with it, but I have just too many knitting machines, and some have to go…

The LK-100 is a true bulky machine, knits at 9mm, but is a plastic bed machine, which makes it perfect for the person on the go.  Its really easy to pack up and carry along, whether you are just going to knitting class, or on a trip.  Take it out in the yard or garage while the children are out playing, and still be productive knitting them up a cute sun hat or bedtime sliippers.

If you have a Bond USM, ISM, etc., and you are tired of that hem and all the fiddling around before you can even get started knitting, be sure to check the LK-100 out, as you don’t have to do a ton of prep work before you can knit on it.  Just sit down, and start.  Check out my step by step photos to see what I mean.  Justina Knits

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