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I hate Fibromyalgia!

on May 26, 2010

I hate it!  I hate it!  I hate it!  What is Fibromyalgia?  It is a monster, an EVIL monster that comes and steals your life away…and just when you think you are feeling better, and life is going great, it sneaks up behind you and knocks you back down.  Its always there, you don’t see it, it is hiding just out of your sight of vision, but it sees you, and just waits for the opportune moment to take over and control your life.

Forget making plans, the FMS monster knows about them as soon as you do, and it steps in to throw a monkey wrench into those plans.  It wakes you in the night, it makes you hurt so bad you cannot go back to sleep, then in the morning it sits and laughs as you struggle to get out of bed…it dogs your every step, making sure you don’t have a moment where you can enjoy yourself.  It throws a fog over your brain, and you cannot think straight, then weighs your body down so it cannot move, and pain, it can think up more ways to create pain, than an internet scam artist can to steal your money…:-(

One response to “I hate Fibromyalgia!

  1. Kathy says:

    Amen, sister! It couldn’t be put much better. It destroys life as you know it & doesn’t give you time to grieve over it. It’s not fatal, but never gets better. What’s worse, there’s currently no cure… just praying for remission for a while so you can recover some of your lost life… by then you are so weak & worn down you can’t do much.

    You are in my prayers. God bless you.

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