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Looking for stitches scales

I need at least two sets of stitch scales for the Knit Radar KR-6.  I think sets from the earlier versions would probably work also.  I put a picture up on my website of a set of stitch scales so you can see them, perhaps you have some mixed in with machine knitting stuff that you bought, don’t need them, and maybe didn’t even know what they were!

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Prayers would be appreciated…

My grandson was hospitalized with a collapsed lung this morning.  He was getting ready for work when his chest started hurting bad, and it finally got so bad he called his girlfriend to take him to the hospital, and its a good thing she got him there quick.  The specialist says he will be there anywhere from 5-7 days, and he figures it will be at least 7.

He is in terrible pain, and nothing seems to be working very well, hopefully by the time it all gets through his system, he will start feeling better.

If everyone who reads this, will keep him in their prayers, I will be so grateful for them…I love him more than anything in this world! 😥

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If you like to knit lace…

check out the patterns here for some nice ones.  She has some very interesting dishcloth patterns there too.

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Tornado watch!

We are under a tornado watch until 3pm today.  A storm is getting ready to hit, the rain has just started, and it is very dark out.  This morning it was a warning, so a watch is better!

I want to play around with knitweave on the Singer SK360, but cannot get motivated.  I don’t seem to have energy until bedtime, so maybe I should sleep during the day and stay up nights…!

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I’m not happy…

I hate Verizon, they sold us down the road…sending us bound and shackled to another company.  We want out, we have to buy our way out, big business rules!  Not that it much matters, there is no other option for me here in this ‘one horse’ town, unless I want to go back to dial up!

Or…shudder at the thought, go to cable internet!  Been there, done that, pay a fortune, then they stick you in a pod with a bunch of gamers, and you’re lucky to be able to access the internet until that bunch gives up for the night.

Never no mind that they came here, took and took, let things run down, now they are running away and leaving the mess behind for someone else to deal with.  The question is, can Frontier do the job, and is the transition going to be smooth or a mess for we who end up having to pay for all of it, in more ways than one.

I’ve been to the Frontier website, and it looks like their ‘so called’ email service is nothing but Yahoo mail in disguise!  If I wanted to use Yahoo mail, I would do it, I DON’T WANT TO USE IT!  Yes, I am mad, really mad!


The LK-100 knitting machine has been sold!

It will soon be winging its way across the country to a new owner, who is thrilled to be getting it.

I will soon have more up for sale, a mid gauge, maybe two, and a Bulky Eight (SK-120) and also an SR-120  ribber which fits the machine.

Several others too, so stay tuned!

The LK-100 tutorial is still up though, so if you have one of these machines and need help, check it out here.  LK-100 Tutorial



Don’t forget I have a group here Plastic Bed Knitting Machines for those of you who own plastic bed knitting machines, and we would love for you to join us there.

Also, I have my second LK-100 knitting machine up for sale now.  I hate to part with it, but must get the $$$ together to buy a car so I can get to the doctors, and my health is more important right now.  Be sure to check it, it is a wonderful machine, has everything with it, and is ready to knit with as soon as it is removed from the box!

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The Lord is good!

As soon as that rain hit our mountains, it broke up, and it isn’t raining near as hard as it would have.  Right at the OH/WV border, it is bright red and orange, but as soon as it crossed into WV, it became almost all green!

There is still more coming, but looks like it will not be too bad either!

YIKES!  I just expanded the view of the radar map, and there is another horrible storm coming across MO right now, and headed our way… 😦
I’m going to bed and leave it in the Lords hands!

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Here comes the rain…

so here I sit waiting.  I did something to my left leg today, pulled a muscle?  I don’t know, but I’ve barely been able to walk all day, and getting up and down the stairs (which I cannot escaped doing) has been extremely painful.

I hear thunder too, and it is looking awful on radar, so I know its going to be a really bad storm.  I had prayed for it to miss us, but it is hitting us smack dab on!

I did manage to knit a swatch today, yes, I know, it seems that is all I knit these days…but this one was for a sweater, but my gauge was way off, so have to knit another one at a looser tension.  I knit that one at TD6, so it will have to be either TD7, or perhaps even TD8.  as I was pretty far off with this one.

My plan is to make a sweater from the book The 100 in 1 sweater by Loretta Conley.  I see she gives charts in the back for them, and I thought about using the knit radar to knit it, but I’ve never used it before, and I probably should start with one of the patterns that came with the radar, so I’ll have a better idea of what I’m doing, instead of maybe doing up my own pattern and managing to mess it up.

Somewhere here, I have a book that covers the knit radar, but I’ll have to look for it, as its been a long time since I bought it.  I’ve been digging books out of the bookcase lately, and going through them while I rest, and I have some great books, I just need to get myself organized better, so I can try some of the things I’m reading about.  I really want to experiment with tuck stitches, I am fascinated by what Regine Faust has done with them, and I also want to explore knitweave with Kathleen Kinder.

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