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Bulky Eight (SK-120) or Bond ISM/USM 8mm knitting machine garter bar for sale

I’m selling a mint condition 8mm garter bar.  This was made for the Bulky Eight knitting machines, also known as the SK-120 and SK-140 knitting machine.  Click the link below to see and buy it.


This also fits the BOND USM and ISM 8mm knitting machines, and the Singer HK-100 knitting machine.  Watch these videos to see what you can do with a garter bar on the knitting machine. 

Diana Natters garter bar videos

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Giraffes At a Glance…

This blog gives a fascinating amount of information on the giraffe.

The Quillcards Blog Do check it out.  Find out how tall they get, how long the female is pregnant, how big her baby is, and how much it weighs at birth! and lots more.

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Thank you to all who searched for my pattern

A wonderful lady has found the magazine with giraffe pattern I wanted, and it will soon be on its way to me.

A big thank you to all the super folks who searched their magazine collections for it!  I appreciate each and everyone of you!  Machine knitters rock!

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2010 Fiber For-’em Event in Louisiana

Hosted by Cajun Lagniappe Fibers, September 24th, 25th, and 26th at Camp Pearl Louisiana, we invite you to come and join us to spend a couple of days with other fiber artists (old and new).  Take Classes, shop with the vendors, and enjoy talking with like minded people.  Have fun, share project ideas, learn new crafts, and take time to enjoy the fiber arts.  It is being held at Camp Pearl, Louisiana just off Hwy 190 not far from the Reeves Community in Southwest Louisiana.  To view pictures and information on the Camp, Classes, Teachers, registration pages and contacts you may go to the website at http://www.runningmoonfarm.com/CajunLagniappe/2010/FirstFiberArtsFor-’emEvent2010.html.  If you have questions you may call Rhonda Selser at 337-328-8461 ( email at tselser@camtel.net ); Charlene Quinilty at 337-831-3219 (email at Quinilty@hughes.net ); Beth Syron at 337-774-2977, (email at esyron@hotmail.com ); or Margrett Stretton at 337-328-7320 (email at lstretton@camtel.net ).
We would love to have you attend and thank you,
The ladies of Cajun Lagniappe Fiber Artists
Southwest Louisiana
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I need your help…looking for knitted giraffe pattern

I’m looking for a magazine, I think it is Modern Machine Knitting, and I believe the issue is Dec. 1987. If that is the correct one, it will have a pattern in it to knit a giraffe toy.
If anyone has it and willing to part with it, I will buy it, or trade something for it. It is the middle of July and I need it quick, as I would really like to have it made before the end of August…
If you have any machine (or hand knitting, for that matter) knitting magazine with a giraffe pattern in it, and willing to sell it, please let me know.
Thanks so very much!

Here is the stuffed and knitted giraffe pattern I am looking for;

Machine Knitted Giraffe pattern I am looking for

Machine Knitted Giraffe pattern I am looking for


16 Tons

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Bond USM knitting machines for sale

A friend has her Bond USM knitting machines up on eBay right now, and she started them really cheap, so you have a chance to get a great bargain here.

Check out some of the neat garments, afghans, toys, and lots more that you can make with a Bond USM, at Bond-America.  While you are there, check out the newsletter that you can subscribe to and get in your email box 10-12 times a year.  The newsletter is filled with lots of tips and techniques to try out on the USM, plus it features 1-2 new projects each month.

The latest issue features a very easy sofa pillow to knit, and then gives you several patterns to knit up and embellish the plain pillow you made.  Also includes embroidery designs to add to the mix.

The previous issue features combining fabric with your knitting for a great new look to your fashions, and then gives you a scarf and jacket pattern that combine knitting with fabric.  See all the previous issues here.  I hope this gives hand knitters, and/or those who have always longed to learn to knit, but could never get the hang of using those ‘sticks’, and idea of how much quicker and easier machine knitting is.  Plus, there is knitting clubs all across America that you can join and become a part of the machine knitting fun!  In fact, buy two of them, then you can connect them together to make a full size afghan in one piece!

Do check them out, and if you have been thinking of getting one, here is your chance to get one at a good price, these are a nice way to break into machine knitting.

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