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Mozilla, I hate you! :-(

I’m mad, yes, I’m mad!  I upgraded to Thunderbird 3.3 yesterday, now I go to search for a message, and there is no search box! 😦

Why you had to go and mess with something good, I don’t know, but you’ve made lots of longtime users mad, and we want it back

Now I’m going to have to back up all my email and other stuff, and try to install my old Thunderbird email again.  I had better not lose any of my email and addresses if I do, or I will really hate you.  Dirty trick, dirty trick.

They tell you to use Global Search, well, global search is a bunch of crap!  I want my search back (I used it a dozen times a day), or I find a new email program to use…

Anyone have a good one…and no, not Outlook….

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