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on February 17, 2012

I am selling my LK-150 Fair Isle Carriage (also works on LK-140), as I no longer have an LK-150 machine. 

Scroll down below the pictures for price and all details.


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As you can see, it is in excellent condition, comes in the original box.  These are really hard to come by, and I hate to part with it, but now have a metal bed mid-gauge machine, and I won’t be replacing my LK-150, and I would rather it be used for making beautiful Fair Isle garments, afghans, bags, etc., by someone who loves doing fair isle, but is frustrated by how slow it is by hand.  Using this carriage, which carries both yarns at the same time, will get your knitted items finished much faster!  

For the price of $335, which includes shipping anywhere in the USA, you will soon be turning out many lovely gifts and items for yourself and family, and have items that are individual creations, not something that has been been mass produced.

I will accept an USPS money order, or a personal check, money order preferred, and will send an extra gift with the carriage if payment is made by USPS money order.  If payment is made by check, I will mail carriage as soon as it has cleared.

To contact me, or to ask questions, leave a comment (will not be published on blog) using the comment link, and I will get back to you.  Thanks!

Come join my Plastic Bed Knitting Machine group on Yahoo.

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