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Lots for sale here, from machines to parts

on March 23, 2012

I have the following items for sale.

SOLD  Brother KH-341 standard gauge plastic bed knitting machine, excellent condition, folds up for travel,and comes in its own heavy duty carry bag. Has its own knitleader to trace your patterns on, and knit from. Complete. $300.00 plus shipping.

A very rare Singer/Studio LK-150 fair isle Carriage in excellent condition in original box. $335.00 with free priority shipping.

SOLD  Singer/Studio AG30 carriage for the Singer/Studio SK-155 and SK-890 bulky knitting machines, in new condition, in original box $55.00 plus postage

SOLD   Set of 3 manuals for the Singer/Studio SK-700/600 Memo-Matic standard gauge knitting machine. Operation manual, Knitting machine, and Pattern book, all in nice condition. $45.00 plus postage

SOLD   SingerStudio SK-700 carriage w/o arm, in nice condition, drums move, but could use a good oiling to loosen them up more. This can also be used on the SK-360 knitting machine. It has built in intarsia, plus rollers on the front, which makes for super easy pushing back and forth. $45.00 plus postage

If you also need a carriage arm, I may be able to find one here.

Payment by check or money order. US sales only If there is anything you are looking for, let me know, I may have it! 

Thanks for reading!

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