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For Sale: LK-150 Cast on Comb set will fit LK-140 SK-160 and SK860 knitting machines

Claw weights $2.50 each + postage 10 available.

If interested, post message below and I will get back to you. Include zip code for postage cost.

SOLD  I have the complete 3 piece set of cast on combs for the Singer/Studio LK-150 knitting machine.  These are 6.5mm combs and will also fit the LK-140, and metal bed machines SK160 and SK860 knitting machines.  These combs are weighted and each of the combs has a slot in it to hang a claw weight on it, and are perfect for doing tuck stitch or other methods that require lots of weight.

The cast on combs are like new.   $35.00 + postage for the full bed set.

If interested, post message below and I will get back to you. Include zip code for postage cost.

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For Sale: 301 Knitting Hints and Tips for BOND ISM/USM knitting machines

This is the book that is sold by Bond America for $15.00 filled with lots of good hints and tips for the advanced knitter as well as the beginner.  Teaches you how to do lace on your machine, whether it is a Bond or other knitting machine without automatic patterning capabilities.  Shows you how to sew up your knitted project, and have it look professionally finished.

Create the Blister stitch, Open Wavy Lace Stitch, front slip stitch, Basketweave, Trellis pattern, Honeycomb, and things you’ve never dreamed of doing.  $8.00 + $2.50 postage anywhere in the US.

To purchase this book, leave a message in the box below and I will get back to you.


Plastic Bed Knitting Machine group

Also has patterns for lace, tuck, cables, etc., also has 7 neat knitted edging patterns, worth the price of the book by themselves.

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For Sale: Knitting carriage for the Singer SK120-SK140 and Bulky Eight

This is the carriage that came with the later 140 needle bed version of the Bulky Eight, and has built in Intarsia, no having to switch carriages when changing over to Intarsia, thus ensuring that your stitch gauge will remain the same.

I will try to get pictures up tomorrow.

If you have the machine with 120 needles, this carriage is a great upgrade for it.  $55 plus postage.  Sorry, sales to US only.  Payment to be made by check or money order.


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For Sale: Passap cast on combs

SOLD  I have a set of three cast on combs for the Passap, 1 short, 1 medium length and 1 full bed.  $100 + postage. Payment by check or money order.  Sorry, US sales only.

These combs also fit the Superba 5mm machines, and others, such as the Twinmatic.  Any 5mm machine.

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For Sale: LK140 knitting machine Instruction Book

The LK140 knitting machine is a plastic bed machine, sold under various names; usually brand Studio by White and Singer in the USA.  This is the users manual that teaches you how to use the machine and get the most out of it.  $15.00 + $2.25 postage.  Payment by check or money order, USA sales only.

(there is a used one on ebay for $25 + $4.50 postage!)

The back of the book has had something splattered on it in a few areas, except for two small stains at the top edge of the cover the rest of the manual is in good condition and looks nice.

Leave a message in the box below and I will get back to you.  I also have for sale, the instructional video for the LK150 knitting machine, which is a big help to the beginner.  It is listed in a previous message.

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For Sale Brand new AG1 Intarsia carriage for the Singer SK120 – Bulky Eight 8mm knitting machine

SOLD Brand new in box AG1 INTARSIA carriage for the SINGER SK-120 and BULKY EIGHT knitting machines.  This is carriage only, you use the arm from your machine bed carriage on the Intarsia carriage.  $35 plus postage   USA sales only.  Payment check or USPS money order.

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