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I added some more for sale items to my website

Justina Knits knitting machine stuff

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Almost forgot!

I’ve got parts and needles for Singer (Silver Reed) knitting machines.  I have a carriage for the Singer LK-100, also needles for it, and a row counter that will fit the Singer LK-100, Silver Reed LK-140, and the Silver Reed LK-150 machines.

I also have needles for the Silver Reed LK-140 and Silver Reed LK-150 machines.  These needles are complete with the rollers and caps.

See them here


Cupcake is finished

Well, I finished the cupcake purse a couple days ago, haven’t take a picture yet, and not very happy with it anyway.  It isn’t pretty like Lynita’s is, and I wasn’t happy with my yarn choices either, but I cannot blame that on the pattern.

One thing definite, it is too BIG for Kylee, so if she is to get one, I’ll have to start over with sport yarn, which means I’ll have to go digging through my stash again, and I don’t feel up to that.

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