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Magic Cable Sweaters Patchwork Cardigans for sale sized up to a 50

I have Magic Cable Sweaters Patchwork Cardigans by Ricki Mundstock for sale. $6.50 plus postage.

Machine knitting

Machine knitting


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For Sale: Knitting carriage for the Singer SK120-SK140 and Bulky Eight

This is the carriage that came with the later 140 needle bed version of the Bulky Eight, and has built in Intarsia, no having to switch carriages when changing over to Intarsia, thus ensuring that your stitch gauge will remain the same.

I will try to get pictures up tomorrow.

If you have the machine with 120 needles, this carriage is a great upgrade for it.  $55 plus postage.  Sorry, sales to US only.  Payment to be made by check or money order.


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For Sale: LK140 knitting machine Instruction Book

The LK140 knitting machine is a plastic bed machine, sold under various names; usually brand Studio by White and Singer in the USA.  This is the users manual that teaches you how to use the machine and get the most out of it.  $15.00 + $2.25 postage.  Payment by check or money order, USA sales only.

(there is a used one on ebay for $25 + $4.50 postage!)

The back of the book has had something splattered on it in a few areas, except for two small stains at the top edge of the cover the rest of the manual is in good condition and looks nice.

Leave a message in the box below and I will get back to you.  I also have for sale, the instructional video for the LK150 knitting machine, which is a big help to the beginner.  It is listed in a previous message.

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For Sale Brand new AG1 Intarsia carriage for the Singer SK120 – Bulky Eight 8mm knitting machine

SOLD Brand new in box AG1 INTARSIA carriage for the SINGER SK-120 and BULKY EIGHT knitting machines.  This is carriage only, you use the arm from your machine bed carriage on the Intarsia carriage.  $35 plus postage   USA sales only.  Payment check or USPS money order.

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2 Kathleen Kinder books on machine knitting for sale

Give your creative side a boost with these two marvelous books by

by Kathleen Kinder

Techniques in Machine Knitting   like new.  $25.00 plus postage

Electronic Knitting  SOLD pending payment

An Introduction for Brother and Knitmaster (Singe/Studio) Knitters  nice condition $45.00 plus postage

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I will mail by media mail, unless you request first class or priority mail.

Payment by check or money order.  Post message below and I will email you.

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White Easy Knitter Instruction Manual for sale

This manual is like new, a little yellowing of the covers, but barely noticeable.  It is spiral bound to lie flat, and the pages are made from heavy card stock,  will last for anyone’s lifetime!

$15.00 plus postage

Send message down below this post

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I am selling my LK-150 Fair Isle Carriage (also works on LK-140), as I no longer have an LK-150 machine. 

Scroll down below the pictures for price and all details.


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As you can see, it is in excellent condition, comes in the original box.  These are really hard to come by, and I hate to part with it, but now have a metal bed mid-gauge machine, and I won’t be replacing my LK-150, and I would rather it be used for making beautiful Fair Isle garments, afghans, bags, etc., by someone who loves doing fair isle, but is frustrated by how slow it is by hand.  Using this carriage, which carries both yarns at the same time, will get your knitted items finished much faster!  

For the price of $335, which includes shipping anywhere in the USA, you will soon be turning out many lovely gifts and items for yourself and family, and have items that are individual creations, not something that has been been mass produced.

I will accept an USPS money order, or a personal check, money order preferred, and will send an extra gift with the carriage if payment is made by USPS money order.  If payment is made by check, I will mail carriage as soon as it has cleared.

To contact me, or to ask questions, leave a comment (will not be published on blog) using the comment link, and I will get back to you.  Thanks!

Come join my Plastic Bed Knitting Machine group on Yahoo.

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Bond USM knitting machines for sale

A friend has her Bond USM knitting machines up on eBay right now, and she started them really cheap, so you have a chance to get a great bargain here.

Check out some of the neat garments, afghans, toys, and lots more that you can make with a Bond USM, at Bond-America.  While you are there, check out the newsletter that you can subscribe to and get in your email box 10-12 times a year.  The newsletter is filled with lots of tips and techniques to try out on the USM, plus it features 1-2 new projects each month.

The latest issue features a very easy sofa pillow to knit, and then gives you several patterns to knit up and embellish the plain pillow you made.  Also includes embroidery designs to add to the mix.

The previous issue features combining fabric with your knitting for a great new look to your fashions, and then gives you a scarf and jacket pattern that combine knitting with fabric.  See all the previous issues here.  I hope this gives hand knitters, and/or those who have always longed to learn to knit, but could never get the hang of using those ‘sticks’, and idea of how much quicker and easier machine knitting is.  Plus, there is knitting clubs all across America that you can join and become a part of the machine knitting fun!  In fact, buy two of them, then you can connect them together to make a full size afghan in one piece!

Do check them out, and if you have been thinking of getting one, here is your chance to get one at a good price, these are a nice way to break into machine knitting.

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Looking for stitches scales

I need at least two sets of stitch scales for the Knit Radar KR-6.  I think sets from the earlier versions would probably work also.  I put a picture up on my website of a set of stitch scales so you can see them, perhaps you have some mixed in with machine knitting stuff that you bought, don’t need them, and maybe didn’t even know what they were!

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The LK-100 knitting machine has been sold!

It will soon be winging its way across the country to a new owner, who is thrilled to be getting it.

I will soon have more up for sale, a mid gauge, maybe two, and a Bulky Eight (SK-120) and also an SR-120  ribber which fits the machine.

Several others too, so stay tuned!

The LK-100 tutorial is still up though, so if you have one of these machines and need help, check it out here.  LK-100 Tutorial