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This has been another bad week

Lots of rain, doesn’t want to stop, and making me ache like crazy, plus I’ve been suffering with a stomach virus, and feeling awful.  I’ve not been able to get motivated to do anything at all that I don’t have to do.

I am getting closer to getting my car on the road, so that is a blessing, maybe next week, if luck holds.  Then I will be able to get to the doctors to have this lump in my back checked out, and also to the dentist to get my tooth pulled, which isn’t going to be fun. I have to take massive doses of antibiotics before they can pull it, or I risk an infection in my heart, so that means two trips down the mountain, and two trips back up it, just to get one tooth pulled!

Will probably be lots of waiting around both visits, so best have some knitting ready to go with me.  I found this hat pattern a few days ago, and I want to make it, maybe I will save it for then.  Should be pretty mindless knitting so will work.  I got on a hat knitting kick while I was laid up in bed this winter, and even though I knitted up four of them, I still want to make more!

I will be so happy to get it out though, it has made me really miserable, to say nothing of not being able to eat much.

I finally got a lot of sleep last night, so I do feel a little better today, plus I think I am coming out of this latest fibro flare.  I sure hope so!

Good news is, they say the rain should be going away soon, and hopefully it will warm up, and we will get some sunshine!  I am sick of rain and temps in the 50’s.  Maybe Bo and I can even get back to taking some short walks.


2010 Fiber For-’em Event in Louisiana

Hosted by Cajun Lagniappe Fibers, September 24th, 25th, and 26th at Camp Pearl Louisiana, we invite you to come and join us to spend a couple of days with other fiber artists (old and new).  Take Classes, shop with the vendors, and enjoy talking with like minded people.  Have fun, share project ideas, learn new crafts, and take time to enjoy the fiber arts.  It is being held at Camp Pearl, Louisiana just off Hwy 190 not far from the Reeves Community in Southwest Louisiana.  To view pictures and information on the Camp, Classes, Teachers, registration pages and contacts you may go to the website at http://www.runningmoonfarm.com/CajunLagniappe/2010/FirstFiberArtsFor-’emEvent2010.html.  If you have questions you may call Rhonda Selser at 337-328-8461 ( email at tselser@camtel.net ); Charlene Quinilty at 337-831-3219 (email at Quinilty@hughes.net ); Beth Syron at 337-774-2977, (email at esyron@hotmail.com ); or Margrett Stretton at 337-328-7320 (email at lstretton@camtel.net ).
We would love to have you attend and thank you,
The ladies of Cajun Lagniappe Fiber Artists
Southwest Louisiana
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I need your help…looking for knitted giraffe pattern

I’m looking for a magazine, I think it is Modern Machine Knitting, and I believe the issue is Dec. 1987. If that is the correct one, it will have a pattern in it to knit a giraffe toy.
If anyone has it and willing to part with it, I will buy it, or trade something for it. It is the middle of July and I need it quick, as I would really like to have it made before the end of August…
If you have any machine (or hand knitting, for that matter) knitting magazine with a giraffe pattern in it, and willing to sell it, please let me know.
Thanks so very much!

Here is the stuffed and knitted giraffe pattern I am looking for;

Machine Knitted Giraffe pattern I am looking for

Machine Knitted Giraffe pattern I am looking for


If you like to knit lace…

check out the patterns here for some nice ones.  She has some very interesting dishcloth patterns there too.

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Sometimes I sits…

and knits,

First 20 rows of my KAL

and sometimes I just sits…

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