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I am looking for…

a nice copy of Knitter’s Magazine, issue 75, summer  of 2004.


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Bond Elite knitting machine ribber wanted

I have a friend who is searching for a ribber for the Bond ELITE knitting machine.  This is the 7mm mid gauge machine, not the ISM/USM 8mm.

They are in the UK, so you must be willing to ship there.  If you are already in the UK, that is great!  Leave me a message here, and I will put you in contact with them. 

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I need your help…looking for knitted giraffe pattern

I’m looking for a magazine, I think it is Modern Machine Knitting, and I believe the issue is Dec. 1987. If that is the correct one, it will have a pattern in it to knit a giraffe toy.
If anyone has it and willing to part with it, I will buy it, or trade something for it. It is the middle of July and I need it quick, as I would really like to have it made before the end of August…
If you have any machine (or hand knitting, for that matter) knitting magazine with a giraffe pattern in it, and willing to sell it, please let me know.
Thanks so very much!

Here is the stuffed and knitted giraffe pattern I am looking for;

Machine Knitted Giraffe pattern I am looking for

Machine Knitted Giraffe pattern I am looking for


Looking for stitches scales

I need at least two sets of stitch scales for the Knit Radar KR-6.  I think sets from the earlier versions would probably work also.  I put a picture up on my website of a set of stitch scales so you can see them, perhaps you have some mixed in with machine knitting stuff that you bought, don’t need them, and maybe didn’t even know what they were!

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