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2 Kathleen Kinder books on machine knitting for sale

Give your creative side a boost with these two marvelous books by

by Kathleen Kinder

Techniques in Machine Knitting   like new.  $25.00 plus postage

Electronic Knitting  SOLD pending payment

An Introduction for Brother and Knitmaster (Singe/Studio) Knitters  nice condition $45.00 plus postage

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I will mail by media mail, unless you request first class or priority mail.

Payment by check or money order.  Post message below and I will email you.

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Singer/Studio set of manuals for the SK360/SK260 knitting machines

I have the complete set of manuals for the Singer/Studio SK360 and SK260 knitting machines.  They are in nice condition.  $45.00 + postage, for all three of them. 

Payment by check or money order. 

Leave a message in the box below if you are wanting/interested in them.

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Manuals for the White 1602 (Superba S48) knitting machines

I have the instruction manual for the White 1602 knitting machine,and the instruction manual for the White 1602 knitting machine SELECTION BOX. $35.00 + media mail.  SOLD pending payment

They are in good condition, covers are a little scuffed, but nothing serious.

If interested in them,  leave a message in the box below.


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Thank you to all who searched for my pattern

A wonderful lady has found the magazine with giraffe pattern I wanted, and it will soon be on its way to me.

A big thank you to all the super folks who searched their magazine collections for it!  I appreciate each and everyone of you!  Machine knitters rock!

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2010 Fiber For-’em Event in Louisiana

Hosted by Cajun Lagniappe Fibers, September 24th, 25th, and 26th at Camp Pearl Louisiana, we invite you to come and join us to spend a couple of days with other fiber artists (old and new).  Take Classes, shop with the vendors, and enjoy talking with like minded people.  Have fun, share project ideas, learn new crafts, and take time to enjoy the fiber arts.  It is being held at Camp Pearl, Louisiana just off Hwy 190 not far from the Reeves Community in Southwest Louisiana.  To view pictures and information on the Camp, Classes, Teachers, registration pages and contacts you may go to the website at http://www.runningmoonfarm.com/CajunLagniappe/2010/FirstFiberArtsFor-’emEvent2010.html.  If you have questions you may call Rhonda Selser at 337-328-8461 ( email at tselser@camtel.net ); Charlene Quinilty at 337-831-3219 (email at Quinilty@hughes.net ); Beth Syron at 337-774-2977, (email at esyron@hotmail.com ); or Margrett Stretton at 337-328-7320 (email at lstretton@camtel.net ).
We would love to have you attend and thank you,
The ladies of Cajun Lagniappe Fiber Artists
Southwest Louisiana
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I need your help…looking for knitted giraffe pattern

I’m looking for a magazine, I think it is Modern Machine Knitting, and I believe the issue is Dec. 1987. If that is the correct one, it will have a pattern in it to knit a giraffe toy.
If anyone has it and willing to part with it, I will buy it, or trade something for it. It is the middle of July and I need it quick, as I would really like to have it made before the end of August…
If you have any machine (or hand knitting, for that matter) knitting magazine with a giraffe pattern in it, and willing to sell it, please let me know.
Thanks so very much!

Here is the stuffed and knitted giraffe pattern I am looking for;

Machine Knitted Giraffe pattern I am looking for

Machine Knitted Giraffe pattern I am looking for



Don’t forget I have a group here Plastic Bed Knitting Machines for those of you who own plastic bed knitting machines, and we would love for you to join us there.

Also, I have my second LK-100 knitting machine up for sale now.  I hate to part with it, but must get the $$$ together to buy a car so I can get to the doctors, and my health is more important right now.  Be sure to check it, it is a wonderful machine, has everything with it, and is ready to knit with as soon as it is removed from the box!

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I feel awful, but I couldn’t stay in bed…

it was driving me up the wall, so got up and decided to test out the Singer SK360, and do some fairisle.
This machine hates me, that is all there is to it, it just hates me! Oh well, I will make it behave whether it wants to or not. It has some bad needles, so had to order new ones, as I don’t have any spares for it. I should have just left it alone until I got the needles, but I wanted to do something, and it was just setting there.
I have this eagle card from the Knittery, and I wanted to try it out, so I knitted up a swatch with 3 repeats, but I had all kinds of trouble with it, plus I couldn’t get my mind to working, and I kept forgetting to change dials, etc., then I don’t know what happened, but right at the end of the first complete eagle, my background yarn broke, and I ended up with a big mess.
I got disgusted and went back to bed, but my back is hurting so bad, I couldn’t lie there, it hurts worse lying in bed, than it does being up, and as long as I don’t do anything strenuous, or stand on my feet, its not so bad.
So, I decided to jump in and do another one. The first one had the three repeats, but I didn’t want to do that much and have it mess up again, so I ended up doing 48 stitches, which gave me an eagle centered, and a half one on each side! Oh well, it was just a practice piece to see how it was going to work out.
I did the first one at TD6, so I did this one at TD9, and it turned out much better. In fact, I’m going to try another one with the TD 9 for the border, and TD10 for the fairisle and see how it does. I’m trying to get as much width as I can, so I’ll see what happens with the highest TD setting.
I did two repeats of the pattern for the second swatch, and I have to say, it doesn’t look bad at all! Hopefully, this is going to turn into an afghan, but boy, I hate having to sew all those separate sections together! I may try SAYG, I’ve never done it before, but this might be a good time to learn!
I’ve got to figure out this dratted punchcard business too, as the USA at the beginning was cut in half, so I’m doing something wrong for sure! It is a Brother card, and I was thinking you had to go up two numbers for Singer/Studio, but maybe it is the other way around, and I should have gone backwards instead…some of this stuff is so confusing.
YES, another swatch!I promise, one of these days I will knit something more than a swatch sized piece of knitting!  LOL

See where the bottom is cut off the US…so, maybe it wasn’t all the machine, maybe it was the idiot setting in front of it???

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I’ve formed a new group for

Plastic Bed Knitting Machines.  If you own a plastic bed knitting machine, want one, or would like to find out more about them, I would love to have you join.

While this will be a mostly on topic group, I don’t mind chatter, as long as it is kept friendly, and no off color conversations, as it is a family friendly group.

We will love hearing about your projects made on them, questions you have about how to operate them, or maintenance on them.

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Tuck stitch on the LK-100

I carried the crochet thread theme a little further, and I did tuck stitch with it!  Ok, I know this has become an obsession, but I like to see what a machine can do, and what can happen with certain threads and yarns.  Here is the results of the crochet thread tuck stitch.

and last night, I did tuck with some RH worsted yarn.  I really like this.

Hey, what can I say, it keeps grandma out of the bingo parlours!

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