My adventures in learning to machine knit and whatever comes to mind

Good grief!

I just looked out the window AND we have ice, snow, sleet and rain, all coming down at the same time!  No wonder I  feel like I had been beaten.  
Over the weekend, we had some lovely weather, even got up in the 70’s on Saturday, and lots of sunshine!  Sunday was warm too, but not as warm as Saturday, and no sunshine, which made it seem ever colder, but still couldn’t complain about it.
Now, we are back to winter, yesterday stayed right at freezing, or below all day, was 24 when I went to bed last night, was the same when I got up at 5:30 this morning, it just made it to 32 an hour ago…and the temps are starting to drop again, and they keep saying we are going to get a big storm!  I sure hope not!
I need sunshine, lots of it, so I can start feeling human again, and to be able to get things accomplished.
I have about 5 projects planned, and want to make a start on each one, that way I will keep going with them.   
Right now, I just want to get some things up for sale, and make room for other things I want to do.  I’ve been buying plastic totes, as able to afford them, so getting my yarn sorted out in the totes, which will make it easier to locate what I need when I want it, instead of spending days going through cardboard box after cardboard box!  
I’ve been rearranging things here, and hoping to get one of my sewing machines set up across from one of my knitting machines.  I’ve been debating as to whether I should set them up facing each other, and me sitting in the middle, or whether I should have my sewing cabinet and KM table back to back.  If facing each other, would only need one chair, with them back to back, will almost certainly have to use two chairs, which will eat up more space, and I don’t have much of that to spare.  Guess I should just get busy and start moving things and see which will work best.

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This has been another bad week

Lots of rain, doesn’t want to stop, and making me ache like crazy, plus I’ve been suffering with a stomach virus, and feeling awful.  I’ve not been able to get motivated to do anything at all that I don’t have to do.

I am getting closer to getting my car on the road, so that is a blessing, maybe next week, if luck holds.  Then I will be able to get to the doctors to have this lump in my back checked out, and also to the dentist to get my tooth pulled, which isn’t going to be fun. I have to take massive doses of antibiotics before they can pull it, or I risk an infection in my heart, so that means two trips down the mountain, and two trips back up it, just to get one tooth pulled!

Will probably be lots of waiting around both visits, so best have some knitting ready to go with me.  I found this hat pattern a few days ago, and I want to make it, maybe I will save it for then.  Should be pretty mindless knitting so will work.  I got on a hat knitting kick while I was laid up in bed this winter, and even though I knitted up four of them, I still want to make more!

I will be so happy to get it out though, it has made me really miserable, to say nothing of not being able to eat much.

I finally got a lot of sleep last night, so I do feel a little better today, plus I think I am coming out of this latest fibro flare.  I sure hope so!

Good news is, they say the rain should be going away soon, and hopefully it will warm up, and we will get some sunshine!  I am sick of rain and temps in the 50’s.  Maybe Bo and I can even get back to taking some short walks.


Last week was a terrible week…

I’m praying this one is much better.  It has to be, I don’t think I could stand two of them in a row.  It seemed like everything went wrong last week, and I had to keep reminding myself, “This too, shall pass.” just to keep from totally losing it.

I’ve been trying to sell some stuff, so I can get a car on the road, and be able to get to the doctor and dentist, but its not going well at all.  Not sure which way to turn now, guess I will have to dig out more items to try to sell.

Too make matters worse, we’ve been having more thunderstorms, and the barometer has been going crazy, and I’m in the middle of a big fibro flare, took me three tries just to get out of bed this morning, and my knees have been giving me fits, and I’ve almost fallen a dozen times today.

I’m up much too late, need to get to bed, have to get up early and finish up some things I started working on last week.

Will be listing more machine knitting things soon, so if you are looking for anything, keep watch to see what turns up.

Going to go to bed now, hopefully things will look brighter in the morning.

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I’m not happy…

I hate Verizon, they sold us down the road…sending us bound and shackled to another company.  We want out, we have to buy our way out, big business rules!  Not that it much matters, there is no other option for me here in this ‘one horse’ town, unless I want to go back to dial up!

Or…shudder at the thought, go to cable internet!  Been there, done that, pay a fortune, then they stick you in a pod with a bunch of gamers, and you’re lucky to be able to access the internet until that bunch gives up for the night.

Never no mind that they came here, took and took, let things run down, now they are running away and leaving the mess behind for someone else to deal with.  The question is, can Frontier do the job, and is the transition going to be smooth or a mess for we who end up having to pay for all of it, in more ways than one.

I’ve been to the Frontier website, and it looks like their ‘so called’ email service is nothing but Yahoo mail in disguise!  If I wanted to use Yahoo mail, I would do it, I DON’T WANT TO USE IT!  Yes, I am mad, really mad!