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Did you know…March is read an E-Book month?

Read more about it here. E-Book Month The most downloaded fiction book from libraries is

The Help, by Kathryn Stockett (Penguin USA, Inc

I am so very blessed, as I have both an KOBO Touch e-ink reader, and a lovely NOOK COLOR, which I love, as I can play games on it, browse the internet, listen to music,  and so much more with it.  Its color screen is truly gorgeous! I highly recommend both of these, if you are considering buying one.

Both of these readers have a slot for a microSD card, enabling you to add up to an extra 32GB of books, videos, music, etc.  I also store my knitting patterns on my NOOK COLOR, so no matter where I am,  they are with me!  I have to confess, there was a time where I thought people who wanted to read a book on some computerized gadget, were totally crazy!  After getting my first e-reader, a very cheap one, I was hooked on it, and when it died only a few months after I had gotten it, and read dozens of book on it, I knew I had to get another one, and I looked and looked until I found the NOOK, and purchased my NOOK COLOR and have been in love with it since then!  I even have a WordPress app on it, and I can even post from it if I wish, or check out my blog, or search for other blogs with it!

You can buy downloadable books from KOBO and Barnes and Noble, or check with your local library to see if they offer e-library books.  For someone like me, who is pretty much not able to get out and about, this is a real lifesaver for my mental health

Now go read a book!

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