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Items I have For Sale

I’ve just added parts and pieces for Singer/Studio Silver Reed SRP ribbers to my website, so if yours is missing something, now is your chance to buy it and get that ribber up and running.

I also have an arm for the knitting carriage listed, so if yours is missing, here is your chance to get one.


8mm garter bar, fits Bond USM/ISM and Singer SK120

Also known as Bulky Eight.  This also works with the Singer/Studio HK100 knitting machine.

See it here – and to purchase

I’ll be listing more as the days go by, so be sure to bookmark my site and check back often to get first chance at new items.

Standard gauge ribber cast on combs

1 200 needle coc  1 50 needle coc

Works with any 4.5mm standard gauge ribbers

These are sold!

$50.00 for both.  Postage extra


2 responses to “Items I have For Sale

  1. Liz Bay says:

    Have you sold the AG 30 Intarsia Carriage? If not, I would like to purchase ASAP.

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