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Good grief!

I just looked out the window AND we have ice, snow, sleet and rain, all coming down at the same time!  No wonder I  feel like I had been beaten.  
Over the weekend, we had some lovely weather, even got up in the 70’s on Saturday, and lots of sunshine!  Sunday was warm too, but not as warm as Saturday, and no sunshine, which made it seem ever colder, but still couldn’t complain about it.
Now, we are back to winter, yesterday stayed right at freezing, or below all day, was 24 when I went to bed last night, was the same when I got up at 5:30 this morning, it just made it to 32 an hour ago…and the temps are starting to drop again, and they keep saying we are going to get a big storm!  I sure hope not!
I need sunshine, lots of it, so I can start feeling human again, and to be able to get things accomplished.
I have about 5 projects planned, and want to make a start on each one, that way I will keep going with them.   
Right now, I just want to get some things up for sale, and make room for other things I want to do.  I’ve been buying plastic totes, as able to afford them, so getting my yarn sorted out in the totes, which will make it easier to locate what I need when I want it, instead of spending days going through cardboard box after cardboard box!  
I’ve been rearranging things here, and hoping to get one of my sewing machines set up across from one of my knitting machines.  I’ve been debating as to whether I should set them up facing each other, and me sitting in the middle, or whether I should have my sewing cabinet and KM table back to back.  If facing each other, would only need one chair, with them back to back, will almost certainly have to use two chairs, which will eat up more space, and I don’t have much of that to spare.  Guess I should just get busy and start moving things and see which will work best.

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Bad weather

It is just above freezing her right now and raining.  We are supposed to get from four to six inches of wet heavy snow overnight, and they are saying it will bring power lines down.  So, if you try to contact me and I do not answer, it is more than likely I have no electric (or heat!), and am offline.  Id that happens, I  will contact you as soon as I get my power and heat back.  
That will depend on how bad the storm is, and how quickly the power company can get to the damaged areas and string new line.  They do have their ducks all in a row, including out of area power company workers ready to move in and help  repair the lines and get us up and running again.
I would appreciate all prayers for Bo’s and my safety during this latest weather adventure.  Prayer for my roof to hold up under the weight of the snow, will especially be appreciated.    
I will be listing more MK books and other machine knitting items as soon as I can, so please check back to  see if I have listed something you need.  

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I’ve just posted a message about a dangerous malware attack that WILL affect you!

Everyone please read this message before you are attacked and have important information stolen!

ADOBE PDF READER has been compromised. 

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Magic Cable Sweaters Patchwork Cardigans for sale sized up to a 50

I have Magic Cable Sweaters Patchwork Cardigans by Ricki Mundstock for sale. $6.50 plus postage.

Machine knitting

Machine knitting


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Rare Kathleen Kinder book for sale

Electronic Knitting: An Introduction for Brother and Knitmaster Knitters.

This is the ultimate volume on Singer/Studio and Brother electronic knitting machines.  Kathleen show you things you can do with these machines, that you would never in a lifetime think of my yourself.  If you want to be creative with your electronic knitting machine, this is your bible to success!

Book does have a few scuff marks, and a water stain in one corner of back cover, but inside pages are in excellent condition.


$85.00 postage and insurance included.  This book is selling for $150 and up, so this is a great opportunity to get it at a big savings.  

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Machine Knitting Books for sale

Prices below do NOT include postage If you want to see a scan of a book, pm and I will scan and add it

SOLD    Techniques in Machine Knitting – Kathleen Kinder $20.00
hardback with jacket in great condition. Has name written inside.

LK-140 operation manual PHOTOCOPY, excellent print, very easy to read. Has holes punched to put in binder. $3.00

SOLD The Neckline Encyclopedia 55 necklines for Machine Knitters $30.00 by Dodo Buerkel and Kerstin Michler of Germany translated into English by Gerda Stitt (another wonderful knitter that we have lost) This wonderful book is impossible to find. If you hate knitting necklines, then this book is for you.
I would call this book in excellent condition, but has a small stain (coffee?) on inside corner of the back cover. Does not show on the outside of the cover.

Bramwell’s Rogues Gallery Machine knit motif and border designs for little monsters VG has some light writing in pencil…directions they were changing? Also has patterns for garments included. $8.00
Classic Knits for all Knitting Machines volume II by Phyllis Waterhouse $8.00 nice condition

SOLD Fisherman Ganseys Volume II Garter Carriage Patterns for Brother Electronic Machines by Phyllis Waterhouse Good condition

Knitting Machine Workbook no. 1 Basic Techniques by Tami Nobuyuki $15.00 this book is new (new price is $24.95)

Knitting Machine Workbook no. 1 Basic Techniques by Tami Nobuyuki $10.00 this book is used, no writing and in good condition. A few scuffs and pages slightly yellowed.

Knitting Machine Workbook no. 2 Basic Ribber Techniques by Tami Nobuyuki $15.00 in very nice condition, does have some yellowing of the edges of pages

SOLD   Knitting Machine Workbook no. 4 Bulky Knitting Techniques by Tami Nobuyuki $15.00 in very nice condition, does have some yellowing of the edges of pages

Learning to Use Your Ultimate Sweater Machine $5.00 nice condition

SOLD     So Simple to Knit Cut and Sew to Your Shape by Japan Hand Knitting Machine Manufacturers Association $10.00 brand new!

SOLD     CHUNKY PUNCH CARD PATTERNS by The Silver Knitting Institute This book comes with extra charts showing details of certain stitches and designs, along with hints and tips on getting a great knit. $15.00 brand new! Can be used with electronic machines also.

Brother Knitting Pattern by Brother knitting Society $35.00 This book has 379 pages of designs to punch and knit, or copy to your Mylars, plus page after page of lovely edgings to knit, knitted motifs, pattern for a gorgeous lacy doily, plus schematics for each of items of fashion clothing. This is a book that any Brother owner (or other brand machine, for that matter!) should have in their library.  This is the book you want if you have one of the older machines that use 8 stitch patterns.


Thanks so very much for checking out my collection of books for sale. Will be adding more today or tomorrow.

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7am and its 19°F

I’ve been awake since 5am!  I don’t know what woke me…going to be a long hard day without much sleep.  I was hoping to list some books for sale, but have a knitting machine to get out and pack for mailing tomorrow.  I think I had best start my morning with a big breakfast!  I’m going to need all the energy I can get.  Check back later to see if I survived and managed to get the machine packed and books listed for sale!

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First bad snow and icy roads.  Now it is 22 °F!  At least the wind has quit trying to blow us away.  Was your internet slow today?  Ours was! Moving like a turtle.  I think it was because of all the last minute shoppers.

It could have been the weather though, that was quite a snowstorm we had yesterday and today, plus, all the rain we had the two days before that.  This is frustrating, whatever is causing it!  Guess I will shut down for the night.

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Explosion Scenes – West Virginia’s Eyewitness News

Explosion Scenes – West Virginia’s Eyewitness News.

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Sissonville Explosion – West Virginia’s Eyewitness News

Sissonville Explosion – West Virginia’s Eyewitness News.

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