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Needle Tatting

I’m finally learning to tat, and besides my practice chains of nothing, I’ve managed to do four tiny little projects!  The first one I did, was the *ring and thread bookmark which didn’t turn out well at all, as I had lots of trouble keeping my threads the same length, but as they say, “Done is better than perfect.”

Ring and Thread bookmark

Ring and Thread bookmark

Ring and Thread bookmark

My second was a small *medallion, which if I must say so myself, it turned out pretty good!


Medallion from Handy Hands book

Then I went on to a **CHRISTmas tree, which is ok, but I know I made mistakes in it big time, but that is ok, it is how you learn.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

My last one was a *butterfly, which is also riddled with mistakes, but I like it even if it isn’t perfect!  So, I am pretty proud of myself for not giving up, and persevering with it, and now I have something to show for it.




I must warn you though, the threads are still dangling!  I’ve got to dig out a needle that will work to hide them with, and all I could find is sharps, and I don’t want to split the threads, so will wait until I find my small blunt tipped needles.

I forgot to scan the bookmark in, will do that later.

*Handy Hands pattern

**Big Book of tatting patterns (out of print)


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